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JV's Ausome Academy

Terms and Conditions

1. Enrollment and Registration:

Details about the enrollment process, including required documents, fees, and deadlines.


2. Fees and Payment:

Payment schedules, late payment policies, accepted payment methods, and any additional fees for services or late pickups.


3. Operating Hours:

The daycare's regular hours of operation, including any extended care options.


4. Withdrawal Policy:

Procedures for withdrawing a child from the daycare, including notice periods and any associated fees.


5. Attendance and Absences:

Expectations for regular attendance, procedures for reporting absences, and make-up days (if applicable).


6. Health and Medical Requirements:

Immunization and health documentation requirements, as well as procedures for illness, medication administration, and emergency medical care.


7. Allergies and Dietary Needs:

Policies for handling food allergies, dietary restrictions, and meal/snack options.


8. Communication and Updates:

Methods for communication between the daycare and parents/guardians, as well as how updates and information will be shared.


9. Behavior Expectations:

Expected behavior from children and how challenging behaviors will be addressed.


10. Safety and Security:

Procedures for security and safety, including pick-up and drop-off policies and emergency protocols.

11. Personal Belongings:

Guidelines for personal items brought by children, such as toys, clothing, and special items.

12. Discipline and Dispute Resolution:

The daycare's approach to discipline and procedures for addressing conflicts or concerns.

13. Privacy and Photography:

Policies regarding the use of photos, videos, and personal information of children.

14. Termination of Services:

Under what circumstances the daycare can terminate services and the procedures involved.


15. Liability and Insurance:

Clarification of liability and details about insurance coverage in case of accidents or damages.


16. Changes to Terms and Conditions:

How changes to the terms and conditions will be communicated and implemented.


17. Agreement and Signature:

A space for parents/guardians to acknowledge their understanding and acceptance of the terms and conditions by signing and dating the agreement.


18. Governing Law:

The legal jurisdiction under which the terms and conditions are interpreted and enforced.

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